Bullish van Dijk reacts to England fans booing him in typically classy fashion

England fans booing Virgil van Dijk during the Nations League semi-final game with the Netherlands was downright weird.

It was called out on social media by multiple respected journalists and former pros, but unsurprisingly, van Dijk didn’t care one jot.

“I don’t really care if somebody boos me or boos the team. We’re trying to win the game,” he told the Standard

“We know we have a lot of support behind us anyway and at the end of the day it’s us players who have to do the job, and it doesn’t affect me at all.”

“I think before this tournament if someone said we would be in the final, we would beat France, Germany, England, then somebody would say you’re crazy,” Van Dijk said. “We have to be proud of ourselves, we made big progress as a team, in and out of the pitch.”

The booing would have simply been because of the rivalry the ‘England’ boys have with Liverpool – although Gini Wijnaldum wasn’t booed and he played the whole game as well!

It really is no surprise Liverpool fans don’t care about England. The manner in which their fanbase headed to Portugal, chanted right-wing songs and smashed the place up is in utter contrast to the behaviour of Liverpool and Tottenham fans over in Madrid a week previous.

International tournaments are fun – but we’d rather Liverpool won a throw-in during a pre-season friendly than England won anything!

Liverpool begin our run of friendlies in just over a month’s time – and until then – the primary focus will be on transfers.

We’re not sure though if a big name player will even arrive this summer, and instead think the focus will be on selling bit-part squad members for good money.

Let’s wait and see!