Brilliant details of how Sadio Mane convinced Keita to join Liverpool have emerged

“When you see how they (Liverpool) performed last season, it makes me want to do the same and to be a part of this team.”

At long last Naby Keita has completed his move to Liverpool and judging by his first interview at the club he seems very excited to get started.

Keita tracked the Reds’ results all last season and has now made his intentions clear that he wants to take them to the next level.

“I would like to be able to achieve a similar kind of season with them next season – but even better,” he added. “I chose Liverpool because it is a team I watched often.

“I also spoke a lot about it with Sadio [Mane]. He told me a lot about the team and the club.

“I also spoke with the coach (Jurgen Klopp), who told me about the project for the team and that motivated me to be here.”

Liverpool fans have Mane to thank for signing Keita, who has repeatedly spoken about how the Senegalese convinced him to move to Anfield.

He’s never really explained the details of their conversation, though, so the Times’ Paul Joyce is on hand to reveal how it went down.

According to Joyce, Bayern Munich wanted to sign Keita but Mane told him about how Liverpool treated him, how they kept their promises and how Klopp’s tactics will improve him.

“Naby Keita had been presented as an option for Liverpool to sign in the summer of 2016 at the end of Jurgen Klopp’s first season in charge, only for the barriers that made his subsequent pursuit long and drawn out to emerge,” wrote Joyce.

“Bayern Munich wanted Keita, but Liverpool were able to make a sustained sales pitch for the best part of a year, stressing how under Klopp they were building a young, exciting squad into which he would fit seamlessly.

“It was here that Mane helped directly in selling the vision in a way Bayern could not.

“He was able to describe how the club had treated him, how they had kept promises following his arrival and offer insight into Klopp’s methods and how he will extract more from him.”

What a hero Mane is. Were it not for his chat with Keita, there’s a good chance the former RB Leipzig man would have joined Bayern instead.