Brazil legend tips £60 million Liverpool player for Real Madrid move

Brazil legend Ronaldo has said that he wants to see Philippe Coutinho at Real Madrid.

Liverpool has been in fine form this season and a huge part of that has been due to how influential Philippe Coutinho has become. In just eight games, the Brazilian has scored three goals and made two assists.

The former Inter Milan midfielder came extremely close to winning the game for Liverpool last night against Manchester United with a superb shot from outside the 18-yard area. If it hadn’t been for a superhuman save from David De Gea, Coutinho would have secured a fifth consecutive win for Liverpool.

Ronaldo, a legend in every sense of the world, will anger a few Liverpool fans with his latest comments about Coutinho.

Speaking during an interview on Onda Cero’s “El Transistor” radio show, Ronaldo mentioned that he would love to see Coutinho in a Real Madrid shirt.

“I would like to see Coutinho at Real Madrid, the Liverpool player,” Ronaldo said.

No. Just, no. As much as Liverpool has epitomised what it is like to be a team, losing Coutinho will derail a lot of the progress that Jurgen Klopp has made in the last 12 months. The Brazilian international has that touch which can win Liverpool games and without him there as a lack of that incision which slices teams down the middle.

Despite huge figures in world football like Ronaldo speaking publicly about Coutinho moving abroad, there is the sense that, under Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool will be able to hold onto their best players.

With it looking increasingly likely that the Reds will be in next season’s Champions League and even the possibility of a title challenge, there is very little to sway a player from staying on Merseyside.

That being said, when Real Madrid come knocking it’s basically impossible to resist the Spanish Giants. We can pray, though, that Coutinho will prefer to stay and work towards bringing success to Liverpool.

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