Barcelona hero held talks with Liverpool about move to Anfield

Five years ago, Liverpool Football Club were at yet another crossroads. The fairy tale reunion with Kenny Dalglish hadn’t been all it had been worked up to be. And the club contacted Dutchman Frank de Boer about the post.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, de Boer simply said it was “too soon” for him to move to the Premier League. He’d only been in Amsterdam with Ajax for a year and half, remember, so this would have a crazy move at the time.

“I told Liverpool I was honoured but I was only one year in at Ajax, it was too soon. I needed to achieve more, and I did”. – the Dutchman said.

Liverpool ended up hiring Brendan Rodgers instead, and they were as wishywashy as ever. He’s seen moved on for Jurgen Klopp to come in, and it looks like it’s all worked out in the end.

De Boer had a (very) short spell at Inter Milan this season, and they were disastrous. They’ve somehow recovered to be fighting for a Champions League spot now without him.

For all parties involved, this worked out well as it simply would have proven to be too much of a jump for de Boer in his first move from Ajax!

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