Barcelona fan has set up a petition to get Sadio Mane banned for ‘Slapping Arturo Vidal’

We’re all well aware that Liverpool fans absolutely love creating petitions when things go against them by to mix things up slightly, a Barcelona supporter has made one following on from the 3-0 Champions League semi-final first leg on Wednesday.

Just before the stunning 35-yard free-kick that Lionel Messi curled into the top bins to seal the win, the Argentine appeared to jump into Fabinho and make contact with the Brazilian midfielder, who held his head before the referee decided to give the set-piece to Barcelona.

Incredibly, one supporter created a petition on Change.Org titled: “Get Messi a retrospective ban for clearly punching Fabinho in the head.”

The petition reads: “So basically Messi gets a freekick for punching Fabinho in the head and scores it, I feel like this needs to be looked at by UEFA.”

It’s accrued over 11,000 signatures at the time of writing but Barcelona fans have made another petition of their own for a separate incident during the game.

Sadio Mane and Arturo Vidal had a bit beef at one point in the match at the Nou Camp, with Mane pushing the Chilean in the face after being wound up.

But a portion of the Blaugrana fanbase, led by Mehrullah Baloch, want him banned for the second leg. Again on Change.Org, he writes: “Sadio Mane should get a ban for the second leg of Semi-finals as he slapped Arturo Vidal for no reason!”

This petition has also picked up some serious momentum, with just over 2,500 signatures at the time of writing.

Liverpool supporters are of course notorious for their petitions, with there being calls for a ban for Sergio Ramos and the Champions League final to be replayed after their 3-1 defeat back in June.

However, our favourite petition has to be when one Arsenal fan recently demanded ‘life imprisonment’ for defender Shkodran Mustafi after becoming fed up with his dodgy defending.