Atalanta player gets accidental Klopp hug after falling into the Liverpool boss in unseen clip (VIDEO)

The less we say about last night the better, to be honest – but there are a few valid talking points, and even a few funny or entertaining moments if you can look past the result.

One such instance was when an Atalanta player lost his footing a little bit and ended up careering into Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

The German, of course, made sure the man didn’t fall to the ground and the duo hugged for a moment on the touchline.

We’re not sure COVID-19 restrictions would allow it post-match if it wasn’t an accident, so a very sneaky tactic by the Atalanta player to get himself a legendary Klopp hug at Anfield!

Take a look at the video below (via Sky Sports):

Everyone wants a Kloppo Hug. from r/LiverpoolFC