Andy Robertson went to extreme lengths to try and join the Scotland squad in Kazakhstan

Andy Robertson is a beast. Aggro left back and patriot. Such is his desire to play for Scotland, Liverpool’s star offered to fly himself out to Kazakhstan in order to play in Scotland’s opening qualifier for Euro 2020 – all in spite of the fact he needed emergency surgery.

A dental abscess couldn’t stop Robertson from taking a taxi straight from Liverpool’s 2-1 victory over Fulham on Sunday. He has originally planned for immediate post-match surgery but, when no doctor was available, opted for a mad dash over the Channel and beyond, the Mail reports.

Scotland will play San Marino on Sunday. Robertson is expected to be available for the fixture.

The left back asked the Scottish Football Association to arrange commercial flights for him to Kazkhstan, in contradiction of medical advice, in time for Thursday’s fixture. However, his medical condition prevented the journey.

It’s reported Robertson still intended to see how much pain he was in after surgery and try to make the trip. He is the captain of Scotland’s national side.

Scotland play San Marino at Serravelle on Sunday after their fixture with the Kazhaks on Tuesday. Favourites from Group I are Belgium, who came third in the world cup last year.