Andy Robertson sends present to young fan who gave pocket money to charity

Okay, footballers and fans sometimes get a bad rap, so it’s time to celebrate a football fan doing something bloody awesome and a footballer following that up with a wonderful gesture.

We live in bad times for many people with financial strains meaning more and more people in the UK have to turn to food banks. In the period between April 1st and September 30th 2017 there were 586,907 three day emergency food supplies distributed, up from 519,342 the year before. That’s a seriously worrying trend.

One young Liverpool fan, Alfie Radford, decided that he would donate his pocket money to a food bank to help, a marvellous thing to do.

Reds’ full-back Andrew Robertson found out about the wonderful deed and decided to reward Alfie by sending him a letter and a signed shirt from Roberto Firmino. Writing to the young supporter the Scotsman said:

“Dear Alfie,

It’s Andy Robertson here from Liverpool.

I saw on Twitter you did something very special for the foodbanks at Anfield last night.

I remember from being your age just how important pocket money is and how there’s hundreds of things you could have bought for yourself with it.

For you to give that up for people who are having a tough time and need some help to get by is absolutely amazing. Let me tell you now, that is brilliant from you and sets an example to the rest of us that showing a little care and thought for others is really important- it’s also very Liverpool! Foodbanks is a cause close to my own heart and what you’ve done will stay with me for a long time.

Anyway- the point of this letter. You’ve done something amazing for other people and expected nothing in return for it. Because of that I want to make sure it is rewarded.

I’ve got one of Roberto Firmino’s match shirts from this season and asked him to sign it for you, by way of a thank you for what you did for the foodbanks. Let’s be honest Alfie- no one wants the left-back’s shirt- which is why I got you Bobby’s instead. Hope that’s okay.

I’ll make sure all the lads hear about what you’ve done. You’ve done LFC proud Alfie- your family will be made up with you I’m sure.”