Alexander-Arnold’s reaction to Alisson’s chip at 1-0 vs Brighton sums it up perfectly

“What a goalkeeper!” was Jurgen Klopp’s response when asked about Alisson’s performance against Crystal Palace last Monday.

And there’s a good chance he and Liverpool’s players were saying the exact same thing following Saturday’s narrow 1-0 victory over Brighton.

Alisson once again shone in goal, making a number of superb saves and playing his usual quarterback role.

Whether it was short or long the Brazil international made easy work of spraying passes to his new teammates to start new attacks.

He’s made a huge impression since joining Liverpool from AS Roma for £66m and Trent Alexander-Arnold is convinced that he’s world class.

“He speaks a bit of English and so we can understand him and that’s important,” said the 19-year-old after the Brighton win. “He’s shown us already that he is a world-class goalkeeper.

“Obviously we haven’t experienced [his skills] before and we haven’t played with a goalkeeper who is as confident as he is.”

Alexander-Arnold was referring to Alisson’s outrageous chip when he mentioned the Brazilian’s skills, which had the whole of Anfield holding its breath.

In the 68th minute, with Liverpool leading 1-0, Alisson came out of goal to collect a short pass from Virgil van Dijk and delicately dinked the ball over Brighton’s Anthony Knockaert.

Alisson took a huge risk with the piece of skill – Brighton would have equalised had he messed up – but it just showed how confident he is right now.

And even though Jurgen Klopp wasn’t a huge fan of the chip, Alexander-Arnold certainly seemed to enjoy it judging by his reaction.

“It’s the first time I’ve been on the same team as a goalkeeper who has done that!” added the right-back. “But if he has the confidence and ability to do that, then why not?

“Strikers take shots on when they are confident they can score, so why can’t a goalkeeper play out?”

Sums it up really that Alexander-Arnold has never been on the same team as a goalkeeper who’s produced Alisson’s chip, but that’s what you get when you spend £66m on a Brazilian.

However, it goes without saying that Alisson should only perform such trickery when absolutely necessary, otherwise he could get caught out.