Alexander-Arnold reveals what Carragher did for him at Liverpool academy – it’s class

The rise of Trent Alexander-Arnold has been simply incredible over the last twelve months.

He was expected to have a small impact last season after winning Liverpool’s Young Player of the Year award the previous season, only for injuries to Nathaniel Clyne and Joe Gomez to thrust him into position as first-choice right-back.

And from there it just kept getting better and better, all the way from making his European debut in the Champions League Play-Off stages to starting in the final and heading to the World Cup with England.

Still only 19 years old, Alexander-Arnold is on track to become a very special player indeed and, as a local lad, that’s exactly what Liverpool fans will have hoped for.

The last 25 years have seen the likes of Steve McManaman, Robbie Fowler, Jamie Carragher, and Steven Gerrard symbolise the club but Alexander-Arnold is now the sole Scouser in the Liverpool team.

That connection with the city has always been seen as important and now the young right-back has a little bit of pressure to live up to the expectation – although there seem to be few worries there.

In fact, he appears to relish the role and couldn’t be happier as the local player playing for his team.

“It’s a privilege to play for the team I have always loved and always wanted to play for,” he said.

“I have never felt pressure. I have always felt that it’s a blessing and I am happy to be part of the team and walk out at Anfield with the Liverpool badge on my chest.”

Alexander-Arnold also remembers what the likes of Carragher did for players like him – and he fully intends to return the favour.

“I was at the under-9s signing ceremony at Anfield in May, I think it was,” said Alexander-Arnold. “I saw the pre-Academy turn into the Academy. I remember when I did it, Jamie Carragher was there.

“He signed me and I got my picture taken with him and it was a dream come true. Seeing the smiles on all the young faces was incredible.”

“Hopefully I’m a decent role model for them to look up to, to work hard and to aspire to become.

“The likes of Gerrard and Carragher were there for me, they were what I wanted to become and they gave me that bit more inspiration to work hard in the Academy.

“Hopefully, I’m doing the same for them.”