Alberto Moreno’s bizarre new animal tattoos show why he’ll never be a top defender

Alberto Moreno has almost as many tattoos of pandas wearing monocles as he has starts in the Premier League this season.

Moreno has two starts in the league, and one tattoo of a panda wearing a monocle. However, there’s still time for him to get another panda tattoo, and more chance of that happening than receiving another start for Liverpool.

The Spanish full-back last played 90 minutes for Liverpool in the league back in October, when Jurgen Klopp’s side beat Crystal Palace 4-2 at Selhurst Park.

Moreno, after a series of unconvincing performances last season, lost his place at left-back to James Milner. The midfielder has excelled in the position, and it looks as though Moreno could be in the final few months of his career at Anfield.

There’s no shame in losing your place to Milner, but you get the sense that Klopp doesn’t trust Moreno, and will now only use the player in an emergency.

Moreno is fast, a decent crosser and has, like most Spanish players, good technique. However, he appears to be devoid of any defensive instinct, which is a notable hindrance for a defender.

Moreno isn’t cautious enough to be a top defender, and he’s shown that again with his latest tattoos.

Moreno has got just got tattoos of a panda, a tiger with a bandana and a pitbull wearing boxing gloves, and has shown them off on Instagram.

Last year, the Liverpool full-back got a tattoo of a monkey wearing a suit, sunglasses and headphones while holding a gun, so he’s no stranger to bizarre animal tattoos.

Moreno has some time on his hands though, and he’s entitled to get as many bizarre animal tattoos as he wants. And we might be reading too much into this…

Actually, we’re definitely reading too much into this, but the really good defenders always expect the worst and are slightly pessimistic.

They’d be too cautious to ever get a tattoo of a monkey assassin.

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