African wing-forward desperate for switch says reliable source

The Reds are getting continually linked with players and, more often than not, they are ones we have never really heard of before.

We’re nowhere near the next transfer window at the moment but it’s a sign of modern times that the transfer rumour mill never seems to cease.

And, whilst you’d hope for more marquee names to get linked, there’s a fair few unknown names getting touted, too.

That, of course, is to be expected with a man like Jurgen Klopp in charge given his ability to turn players no-one has heard of into world-class stars and so we can but hope he does that at Anfield.

The latest player to potentially undergo that process is 22-year-old Egyptian Mahmoud Hassan who is being linked with us by one of his country’s main outlets –

But how does he actually play? Here are two things we’ve managed to pick up from brief clips…


This may not relate too much to his playing style but it should suggest that he can adapt to this country and this type of game easier than if he came direct from his home country.

He plays for Anderlecht in Belgium and whilst that isn’t the Premier League it certainly has some merits. It can be hit and miss but we think that, with the Belgians doing well and developing young stars at the moment, it may not be as big a risk as it might have been a few years ago.


He seems more than capable of taking on a man and that could mean he’s an ideal player for us.

We may have Sadio Mane but we do still lack width in the attacking areas – particularly on the left side. Hassan is primarily a left-winger, too, and so whilst serious scouting will be needed before any move is approved his basic skills look like something we could do with in our squad.

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