Adam Lallana reveals what Klopp does when he is angry with Liverpool’s players

Whether you think Liverpool have made progress under Jurgen Klopp or not, it’s hard to deny the German is a very likable fellow.

Since arriving at Anfield in 2015, the enigmatic manager has brought some sensational attacking play to the red half of Merseyside, but his side’s defensive qualities – or lack thereof – has frustrated fans.

Purely from a statistical standpoint, Liverpool don’t appear to have made any great strides since the reign of Brendan Rodgers before Klopp, but most would agree that the Reds are a great watch under Klopp these days.

As frustrated as some of the fans may get with Liverpool’s defensive woes, it appears as though the 50-year-old manager suffers with the same emotions.

While he is often jovial and laughing in interviews, Adam Lallana has revealed it can be very different behind the scenes.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the England and Liverpool midfielder explained what Klopp wants to do when he is angry, but the balance he has in his personality.

“A lot of the time, mainly when he’s angry, Klopp says: ‘I f****** wish I could speak German to you,” Lallana laughs. “His English is tremendous, actually.

“I understand whatever he needs and wants to say. But it does frustrate him at times… He can give you a bollocking, he can really praise you. The hugs, they are really genuine as well.

“He will tell you when he is happy with you. He will tell you when he is not happy with you. He is just genuine, straight‑​up.

“He can’t hide his emotions, can he? If he wants to say something he will end up saying it. He says he can be your friend, but not your best friend, because he has to have those difficult conversations with you at times. He would sometimes get frustrated, telling us that we don’t believe how good we are.”

Liverpool have Southampton next weekend following the international break and although they sit in fifth position in the league after 11 games, they are already 12 points behind league leaders Manchester City.