‘A literal disgrace’ – Liverpool fan shares image explaining why Man City don’t deserve to win the league (PHOTOS)

A Liverpool fan has shared images of Manchester City’s nearly-empty stadium this evening as they take on Cardiff City to potentially go back on top of the Premier League.

It’s between City and Liverpool for the title this season, with Pep Guardiola’s side lifting the trophy last year with some ease, though this time they face strong competition from Jurgen Klopp and co.

This Reds supporter clearly can’t stand seeing how little this seems to mean to City supporters, who have, in truth, been rather spoiled in recent times since a massive injection of cash into their club.

Liverpool, meanwhile, are more historically successful but not have not won the league in 29 years.

Have a look at these pictures below and see if you agree – do we really want to see a team like City win the title again when it would arguably mean so much more to so many more people if LFC were champions?