A fan has made a compilation of Steven Gerrard saying ‘yeahhh course’ in interviews

Whether he’s a player, manager or pundit – Steven Gerrard will always be heard saying, “Yeah course” whenever he’s talking.

The Liverpool legend uses the phrase very frequently when asked a question by the interviewer – so much so that someone’s made a compilation of him uttering it.

There’s also a few instances of Gerrard saying, “Yeah definitely” to make up the 33 second clip.

It was posted to YouTube back in March 2017, prior to Gerrard moving into management with Rangers – and has garnered over 1.3 million views. Clearly a lot of people can’t get enough of Gerrard’s trademark opening line.

Given the amount of pre and post match interviews and press conferences he’s done since, you could probably stretch it to about two minutes with an updated compilation.

It’s right up there with Steve McManaman saying “Fletch!” every two minutes when doing co-commentary for BT Sport, Owen Hargreaves describing everything as “exceptional” and Arsene Wenger quipping “Ehhhhhhhhh, I believe”.

Gerrard’s regular response has allowed impressionist Darren Farley to make it a key part of his act.

Farley, also a scouser, appeared on the Sky Sports Football Show and had both Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher in stitches.

What followed was Farley rattling through his greatest hits, including his Gerrard and Carragher impersonations – and it was just utterly superb.

The Gerrard one featured the former England skipper’s classic line, delivered like the sound of “creaking door, while the Carragher impression sounds like more like him than actual Carragher and has some cracking facial expressions.