£50m defender ‘agrees’ to Liverpool move, ending Arsenal’s interest

Virgil van Dijk is now Liverpool’s main transfer target and according to reports, they are ready to pay £50 million that Southampton are demanding.

Earlier this week Chelsea were considered firm favourites for the Dutchman’s signature, but now there are reports coming out that claim Van Dijk has already agreed a transfer to Liverpool if they manage to qualify for Champions League.

This news doesn’t seem to be surprising considering the history of transfer relations between Liverpool and Southampton.

Liverpool have been great customers for Southampton, often squeezing out more cash than their players are worth from the Scousers.

Reports claim there are multiple sources in Liverpool that claim van Dijk has already discussed their long-term vision with Jurgen Klopp and has all but signed a contract.

This story does not come from a unreliable source yet, but has enough grains to it to be taken at least somewhat seriously.

It appears Arsenal will definitely need to start looking elsewhere for a new defensive player.