3 dream centre-back partners for Joel Matip at Liverpool – thoughts?

When you think about who our best signing has been this season two names probably come to mind more than most.

Indeed, whilst Georginio Wijnaldum, for example, has done a decent enough job he largely falls behind Joel Matip and Sadio Mane in terms of impact caused at the club since last summer.

The latter, Mane, has transformed our attack and made us into a far more potent, free-flowing unit when going forward.

The former, Matip, meanwhile has shored us up at the back a fair deal with the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Diego Costa and Harry Kane all being kept quiet in games by him at times this season.

It makes you wonder, then, just how good our team could be if we could get another class star in alongside him ready for next season and so, with that in mind, here are three dream partners we’d like to see alongside the Cameroonian…


Van Dijk has shown himself to be a class act at the back for Southampton this season and they’re bound to miss him with him injured at the moment.

The Dutchman’s reading of the game, ability to shrug off attackers with power and pace and eye for a pass make him a superb example of a modern centre-half and we think alongside Matip he’d go up another level. Quite the prospect for us to try and get in, then.

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