23 signs you’re a real Liverpool fan

1. You’ve absolutely no idea what ‘Operation Anfield Exercise’ is and no-one you’ve ever been to a match with knows either.

2. The years 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984 and 2005 written in a list is a thing of beauty.

3. You’ve debated whether it’s ‘Arabian’ or ‘Libyan’ and ‘We had Heighway’ or ‘Stevie Heighway’ on the wing.

Liverpool had this man on the wing

4. You’re still not over the end to the 2013/14 season – and probably never will be.

5. You secretly still love Fernando Torres and have dreamt about a Torres-Suarez front two.

6. You really miss the Torres bounce song. And the Suarez ‘just can’t get enough’.

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