This 2 Liverpool Players Seriously Need to Leave For The Sake of Their Careers

The Liverpool fans have been up and down this season with their mood, and of late they are on somewhat of a down, with their team seemingly looking out of the title race.

Jurgen Klopp has managed to turn things around though at Anfield, and despite their poor run – which ended with a big win over Spurs it must be said – things are looking better for the Reds than they have done in a while.

Some players in the Liverpool squad are firm favourites of the German manager and seemingly always get the nod. The likes of Coutinho, Firmino, and James Milner are all firmly top dogs at Anfield under Klopp.

With this thought, our Liverpool fans over by the bar have been discussing which players might look to leave due to lack of opportunity or other circumstances, and our landlord seems to concur that the squad does contain these sorts of players.

With this in mind, here are TWO Liverpool players who need to consider a move for the sake of their career…

DANIEL STURRIDGEklopp sturridge 4

The England striker seems to be out of favour with Klopp following numerous injuries and set backs during the German’s time with the club.

This, coupled with Sturridge’s lack of form and inability to adapt to the teams way of playing, could see him on his way out.

There are plenty of clubs in England who would love Sturridge at their club, and should he decide to leave, he will not be short of offers come the summer.


The Spanish left back has been dropped for much of this season after a series of disastrous high profile mistake for the Reds.

James Milner has made the left back spot his own, and with this, Moreno might see it as his cue to leave.

A move back to Spain would probably suit him, where the pace of the game and the intensity is lower, something which would no doubt suit him.

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