2 key things you need to know about reported Reds £27m target

We embrace unknown players getting linked with the club these days and we’ve certainly seen another getting served up recently in the form of Nadiem Amiri.

The £27m-rated youngster has been linked with us by Italian outlet Calciomercato recently in a potential deal that just underlines how things have changed under Jurgen Klopp.

For sure, if this story had come up with the likes of Brendan Rodgers in charge we’d probably be taking a sharp intake of breath but under Klopp we embrace the unknown far more.

It’s, of course, because he was so good at making gems out of nothing at Borussia Dortmund and so the hope is with the likes of Amiri if he signs, that he’ll undergo the same process.

Of course, there’s plenty to consider before any potential move does go ahead but just in case we’ve got the lowdown on what we might be able to expect. Here are two key things…


One of the big traits you notice when you see Amiri play is that he loves to have the ball at his feet.

He’ll always look to take a man on with his great close control and he has an uncanny knack of drawing fouls in promising places. He sounds like the kind of player we’ve already got in Philippe Coutinho and the like and would surely benefit hugely from learning from the tricky Brazilian.


At his young age he naturally has things that need ironing out and one of them is his positional suitability.

His ability to take players on suggests he’s better suited out on the flanks but he likes to play down the middle as a central midfielder just as much as he likes to go down the left. At Liverpool’s level they are very different disciplines and so it’ll be Jurgen Klopp’s job to work out where he is most suited. Probably left-back knowing the German…

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